A party has formed in the lands of Brevoy. Called together by political influences, adventurers quest to clear the land of dangers and bring law to a lawless wilderness.

PFS rules will be used unless stated otherwise: PFS Guide . All PCs are considered part of the Brevoy “faction” giving them access to Kingmaker Campaign traits along with any other non-faction legal PFS traits. For info on additional resources beyond the Core Rulebook and Kingmaker Player’s Guide see this link . For additional PFS rules and nuances of the game review this FAQ .
Changes to PFS rules follow:
- Craft Feats such as Scribe Scroll and Brew Potion are allowed.
- Animal Companions, Familiars, etc. calculate hit points as PCs: Max for 1st HD + (die/2 + 1) thereafter. Example: for d8 → 8 (+ 5 (+ 5 … ))
- Coin weight does not affect encumbrance. It is assumed PCs would drop encumbering sacks of coins as a free action before combat.


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